Bulldog History

Bulldogs were originally bred to help butchers control livestock. They were also used in a "sport" called "Bull-baiting". Bulldogs were trained to pin the bull down by the muzzle/nose. In 1835 Bull-baiting was banned in England. The bulldog no longer had a task/purpose and many bulldog clubs emerged. Now the bulldog was entered into shows, they were bred to look a certain way "lots of exaggerated features" but not bred for health or ability. This had led to many of the problems found in todays AKC "English" Bulldog. These dogs have been to know to live short lives riddled with health issues. 


Today's Old English Bulldog

In the early 1970's David Leavitt wanted to bring back the Original Healthy working bulldog of the past (Cir. 1820-1830).  Levitt's goal was to produce a healthy athletic working bulldog free of the problems associated with modern English bulldogs. He started with breeding program developed by the University of Ohio to create a "Pure Breed". By the mid 1990's Levitt had the breed established and reached his goal, the Old English Bulldog. A dog That is much more Athletic, Breaths well, Mild mannered and free of the problems that plague the modern English Bulldog. The Genetic make up of an Old English Bulldog is 1/2 English Bulldog, 1/6 Bull Mastiff, 1/6 American Pitbull Terrier, 1/6 American Bulldog. Old English Bulldogs mate naturally and whelp naturally (no C-sections). 


painting of an Original Bulldog