One of a Kinds "Peaches N' Cream"

Peaches is a beautiful Tripple carrier Chocolate Brindle. She's such a sweetheart. She has a great personality. Peaches is athletic and active, loves to play and run. Her head and muzzle are the perfect size with nice wide open nares. She's defiantly a head turner. 

Unique's "Miss Chaos" aka Lilly

Lilly is a Flashy Blue Ribbon Brindle Olde, very solid muscular  build and very Bully! She's has lots of drive and loves to swim, jump and play fetch. She is very obedient. outstanding conformation and has open nares. She's bound to add bulk and flash to future litters in our program.

One of a kind's "Stella"

Stella is an extraordinary example of a Black/Tan Tri. Her makings are amazing. She is a perfect package, has nice open nares, great conformation and destine to produce beautiful pups.