D Day’s “Daenerys”

Denny is a stunning triple carrier. She has such a funny and lovable personality. She is fearless and loves any and everyone. She is extremely athletic and strong. Her muzzle paired with wide open nares enables her to be a very clean breather that she will certainly pass on to her off spring. We are very excited to see what is in her future.

Unique Bulldog’s “Midnight Rush”

Midnight is our keeper off the Spanky and Stella litter. She has the shorter stature like her mother paired with the strength and muscle of Spanky. She is a sleek black Tri-Brindle that carries chocolate. She is very athletic, has a sweet and lovable personality, and can definitely keep up with the rest. She has a solid build, wide open nares and a perfect muzzle. She truly is an amazing pup.

One of a Kinds "Peaches N' Cream"

Peaches is a beautiful Tripple carrier Chocolate Brindle. She's such a sweetheart. She has a great personality. Peaches is athletic and active, loves to play and run. Her head and muzzle are the perfect size with nice wide open nares. She's defiantly a head turner. 

Peaches is living the retired life in Tucson, Arizona. She is getting loved on by 3 adorable children, she also has a whole acre to roam and explore.

Unique's "Miss Chaos" aka Lilly

Lilly is a Flashy Blue Ribbon Brindle Olde, very solid muscular  build and very Bully! She's has lots of drive and loves to swim, jump and play fetch. She is very obedient. outstanding conformation and has open nares. She's bound to add bulk and flash to future litters in our program.

Lily was laid to rest due to complications involving valley fever. She is sorely missed.

One of a kind's "Stella"

Stella is an extraordinary example of a Black/Tan Tri. Her makings are amazing. She is a perfect package, has nice open nares, great conformation and destine to produce beautiful pups.

Stella is living the retired life in Florida. She was place with a family that owned her mother and brother. She is being spoiled and is very much loved.