Jagger and Peaches 

Jagger is a Generational black Tri/Brindle triple carrier (blue, tri, chocolate). Jagger is an exception example of an olde. He is a very clean breather with wide open nares (nostrils).  He loves going to the lake to swim and play fetch. He's very friendly and loving. Jagger has a very calm disposition. 

Peaches is a chocolate brindle who is also a triple carrier (blue, tri, chocolate). She has wide open nares (nostrils) that make her a clean breather. She is a docile and loving girl. She loves to go on walks and play fetch. 

This litter is full of color. Beings that both Jagger and Peaches are triple carriers, we ended up with blue, chocolate, lilac, black and brindle. They are destined to be full of strength, determination, and affection.