Unique Bulldogs is Arizona's Premier Olde English Bulldog Breeder. We are committed to producing the BEST quality Old English Bulldogs. 


Our Mission



We don't have a HUGE breeding operation producing tons of litters per year. Our dogs and pups are raised in our home in a loving environment with our children. We produce QUALITY NOT QUANTITY! 

We Can Produce all the RARE colors out there Chocolate, Blue, Lilac, Brindle, Tri and any combination of those colors/patterns.  COLOR is always secondary to conformation. We breed to produce quality healthy pups to the breed's standard, Color is an added bonus. Don't be fooled by other Breeders selling colorful pups that are not athletic or built to the breed standard.  

Old English Bulldogs are NOT supposed to look like English bulldogs.  Old English Bulldogs are not/DO NOT have the following issues or problems: Smashed faces, no muzzle, misaligned jaw (wry-Jaw), Bow-legged, weak pasterns, cow hocked, overly wrinkled, ropes above nose. snort-difficult to breath, straight rear legs, kinked tails, spinal problems. 

Breed Standard- IOEBA, ACA, ABKC

Temperament:   The old English Bulldog is Loyal, and courageous, stable, trustworthy and loving. Old English Bulldogs are fast learners who like pleasing their owner. Their disposition should be outgoing and friendly. No unprovoked aggression, this is a serious fault. 

Physical Appearance

HEAD: should be large and high, moderately sunken between the eyes. The circumference of the head should be equal to or greater than the Olde English Bulldogge’s height at the shoulder. A narrow head or one that appears too small for the body is a fault.

EARS: Set well on the sides of the head, Tulip like.  Dropped ears are acceptable as long they are small, not severely floppy or “hound like”. Full pricked ears that stand up on top of the head should be considered a serious fault.

MUZZLE: Broad, deep, and short with moderate wrinkling. The bite is undershot with the bottom jaw turning up noticeably. If the muzzle is too long (more than 3 inches) scissor bite or even bite are disqualifying faults and not a qualified Olde English Bulldogge. Their muzzle should be no shorter than 1 ½ inches. Wry jaw is also a disqualifying fault.

BACK:  Males should appear square and balanced. Females should appear similar with consideration given for body length. Short with a very slight rise from the shoulders to a slight drop in the croup is preferred. A level back is acceptable as long as the tail does not come straight off the top of the back.

SHOULDERS:  Well laid back with significant angulation to allow for good movement. Straight shoulders are a fault.

FORELEGS:  Should be straight and wide apart, neither bowing out nor turning in to the center of the chest. There should be significant bone substance. Elbows should be relatively close to their stout body. Lacking bone and substance is very undesirable in this breed. Elbows that are loose or “fiddle fronts” are a disqualifying fault. “East / West” (Pointing opposite directions)forelegs are a serious fault.

REAR LEGS:  Should exhibit significant bend to allow for good movement. They should be muscular. Straight or “posty” rear legs are a serious fault of the breed, and are a disqualifying feature. Cow hocks are a disqualifying fault.

BODY MOVEMENT:  A well-balanced gait that drives off the rear and is complimented by reach, allowing the dog to cover ground with a sense of power. Dogs should single track. Pacing or crabbing is a serious fault.

FEET:  Round, tight both front and rear, and the pasterns should be strong. Weak pasterns and/or splayed feet are disqualifying faults.

HEIGHT: Males – 17 to 20 inches at the shoulder.

Females – 16 to 19 inches at the shoulder.

WEIGHT: Males – 60 to 90 lbs.

Females – 50 to 80 lbs.

Height and weight above the standard is to be discouraged, there is no penalty as long as the dog is well-proportioned, correct and balanced. 

COAT: Any color of coat is accepted for the Olde English Bulldog. The coat is short. A wavy coat or a long coat is a disqualifying fault. There should be no signs of feathering on the legs or neck area for this also a disqualifying fault.

TAIL: Pump handle tail that naturally reaches the hock is preferred, screwed short or a docked tails are acceptable. The pump handle tail should be carried low and not over the back of the Old English Bulldogges back.